Kumihimo Rayon Filament - 7 Colors

$ 11.00


Kumihimo Rayon Filament or “KRF” is a brilliant, silky, lustrous and exquisite fiber to use for braiding.

Each skein is made of nine individual strands meticulously twisted together. The strands can be untwisted and used in any multiples you like. I like using all
9 strands together which is similar in weight to a #5 Perle cotton. The color palette is "delicious". Each skein is beautifully hand dyed. Did I mention that like this fiber? I love color and this stuff is fabulous.

I have played with the Kumihimo Rayon Filament a little (not enough hours in a day) and have found that it braids nicely on the Marudai as well as the Disk. Each skein is approximately 28 meters long  (that's almost 30 yards) and weighs around 17 grams/skein. It is simply magical as the braid grows and the variegated colors take on their own character. 

I will be adding more colors - so stay tuned!!