Crimp Style Hook & Eye End Cap - Antique Brass

$ 3.25


The Crimp Style Hook & Eye End Cap is about the easiest to date. It looks great and it’s super easy. Just finish the end of your braid in your usual fashion, cut off any excess and insert the end of braid into the crimp style end cap. (You may certainly use a little glue at this point to make things nice and strong). Then take a crimping tool or other suitable pliers and compress the crimp into the braid. You are done. If you look at the photo of the Crimp Style Hook & Eye End Cap, you’ll see and indented area in the midpoint of each end cap. This is the area where you want to apply pressure with your pliers. The Crimp Style End Cap, assembled, is 27mm in length and the diameter is 4mm. I have used this end cap with 8 strands of C-Lon Tex 400 and I have also used it with 8 strands of Kumihimo Rayon Gimp (KRG). The Gimp is quite a bit more substantial than the C-Lon Tex 400 but I have found that if I roll the Gimp (or other types of cording) between my fingers, I can often get the tip narrow enough to fit in the Crimp Style End Cap. You just need to experiment but this does give another option for finishing your braid.


Hole: 4mm