"8-strand Kongoh Gumi Chevron Necklace with Pointed Flower Clayriver Pendant" - Coral & Chocolate

$ 28.00

This 8-strand Kongoh Gumi Necklace Kit is designed with a Chevron pattern and is adorned with a Clayriver Pendant. This is another project for those of you that enjoy “instant gratification”! It’s quick! Dress it up or dress it down and just simply enjoy it.

This necklace is approximately 25” long (depending on braider and individual technique) and it is finished with a glue-in magnetic clasp. The necklace can be finished shorter for those who like a shorter fit.

I tried this on both the thick (20mm) and standard (10mm) Kumihimo disks and I liked the 10mm disk better. It feels easier to work with the satin cord and the thinner disk.

This project will teach you a new way to create a “tapered” Lark’s Head Knot and you will “start in the middle” and braid out to the ends. You will also learn how to attach the magnetic clasp.

You will need: Kumihimo Disk (I prefer the mini in the standard thickness), 9 Bobbins, Scissors, Tape Measure, Needle and Thread of Fray Block to finish the ends, Glue (like Weldbond). You should know: Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh Gumi) and how to drop beads. For tips on threading beads on satin cord and dropping beads, check out Kumihimo Tips #10 & #14.

Kit includes:

  • Petite Satin Cord (14 yards, 2 colors)
  • Clayriver Porcelain Pendant
  • Porcelain Pony Bead
  • 1 Set 6mm All in One Magnetic End Caps
  • Instructions with photos