"Beaded 8/0 Colorblock Spot Necklace with San Miguel de Allende Round Pendant"- Denim & Cognac

$ 45.00


This is another kit in my collection of necklaces called "Painting with Beads".

You will learn four great techniques in this kit: 1) You will learn the “Half-Knot” method for attaching a pendant (helpful when a Lark’s Head Knot isn’t feasible), 2) you will learn the technique for “Starting in the Middle”, 3) you will load beads for a Colorblock/Double Spot pattern and 4) you will learn how to attach a magnetic clasp. This is a fun necklace to make and these are techniques you can adapt to your other projects.

This necklace is designed with 16 "sections" of colorblocking with contrasting double spots. The finished necklace is about 23" long or shorter if you like (just use less beads and make sure you reduce by the same amount of seed beads on each side of the San Miguel pendant). If you allow some braid to show, when you attach the clasp, you can make the necklace longer. This necklace showcases handcrafted SMA Pendant.

The San Miguel de Allende Pendants and Beads are the creation an artist is San Miguel. Each year when I visit, I track her down and find a new assortment of gorgeous beads. I never know what I will discover and I always have fun imagining how I will use her beads and pendants to enhance my latest kit! 

You will need: Kumihimo Disk (I like to use the Beadsmith THICK Mini), 9 Bobbins, Scissors, Tape Measure, Glue to attach end caps (I use WeldBond available at Ace Hardware and some craft stores), Needle & Thread, Cord Zapper  or Fray Black to finish ends.

You should know: Kongoh Gumi braid structure (also called Round Braid) and how to drop beads. If you need a reminder check out Tip #14 Braiding with Beads.

Kit includes:

-1 Spool C-Lon Bead Cord
- 8/0 Miyuki / Toho Seed Beads (4 colors)
- San Miguel Round Pendant 
- Porcelain Handpainted Accent Bead
4mm Acrylic Magnetic Clasp
- Wide Eye Needle
- Instructions with Photos