Hand Carved Black Clay Pottery Crescent Pendants from Oaxaca, Mexico (while supplies last)

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About Oaxaca Black Clay Pottery...

There's only one place in the world, a mine in southern Mexico, that produces the type of clay that is used to make this black clay pottery. This brown clay substance turns different colors when fired in different ways. It had been used for many years to create pottery but it wasn't until the 1950s when a woman named Doña Rosa discovered some very unusual characteristics about it.

The color of the barro negro is a matte grey putty like color. The clay is shaped in the same way the ancient Zapotec used to do it, in the Zapotec wheel, which is a disc or plate balanced over another inverted plate or molded by hand.

After the pieces are shaped they are set to dry in a room, this process can take around 3 weeks. At this stage decorative accents are added. Doña Rosa discovered that if you rub the pottery with a quartz crystal before it is fired in a wood oven, it will turn a shiny black. No one had ever discovered this before Doña.

The pieces are fired in wood firing underground pits reaching 700°C to 800°C (that's 1292 to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit)!! Holy smokes.

I have worked with the Black Clay Pottery artisans, when I was in Oaxaca, to make my Black Clay Pottery Hearts and Crescent Pendants. 


Sold Individually 

Hand Carved Black Pottery Crescent Pendants (measurements are approximates as these pendants are hand crafted).

Diameter:  50 mm diameter (2")
Thickness: 3 to 3 1/2 mm
Hole:  4 mm holes