"8/0 Beaded Color-FUSION Kumihimo Necklace with Handpainted SMA Heart" - 22 1/2" - Spring.

$ 62.00


Okay, I've said it before, but this one is my NEW FAVORITES!  I call this design Karen's "Fusion-6" Kumihimo 8/O Beaded Necklace. To achieve the “fusion” of colors, the 6 colors of beads are strung in a particular sequence of colored/patterned sections to create a “fused” look.

The Handpainted Heart comes from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The Copal wood comes from Oaxaca and is hand-carved into the heart shape. After that, it is sanded, pre-finished and lastly handpainted with a unique design. The Heart Pendants are
3-D (not flat). The heart come pre-assembled on the bail. All you have to do is slide the pendant onto your finished beaded necklace. Supplies limited!

The adjustable closure allows you to wear the necklace shorter or longer.  I have designed this necklace to be worn a little longer. The finished length of the beaded portion is right around 22 1/2" (depending on beads and braider) and the braided tails are about 6
′′ on each end. You can wear this necklace as short as 22 1/2′′ and even longer if you like.

Finished Beaded Length: 22 1/2"
Additional length with Adjustable Closure

This bright delight is made up in a combination of Miyuki Opaque seed beads.

Keep in mind, you can also finish this necklace with a 4mm clasp of your choosing. I like the 4mm Acrylic End Cap with this (does not come in kit). 

You will need: Kumihimo Disk (I recommend the BeadSmith Thick Mini), 8 bobbins, tape measure, scissors. You should know: Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh-Gumi) and how to “drop” beads. If you need a braiding with beads refresher check out Kumihimo Tip #14.  While the instructions are written for a disk, they are easily adaptable to the Marudai.

Kit Includes:
  • Handpainted San Miguel Heart Pendant (pre-assembled on bail)
  • C-Lon Bead Cord (1 spool)
  • Miyuki 8/0 Seed Beads (6 colors) Lots of Beads!
  • Barrel Bead for Closure
  • Wide Eye Needle
  • Instructions with Photos