"Beaded Kumihimo "Spot" Necklace with Painted Peruvian Pendant (Camel & Red)

$ 40.00


I just love the Kumihimo "Spot"  Beaded Necklace with the handpainted ceramic Peruvian Pendant. These gorgeous Peruvian pendants are handpainted in a little town near Cusco in Peru. 
The beaded pattern is a simple spot pattern. 
This kit teaches you a great option for attaching a pendant and utilizes the adjustable closure.  The shortest length is around 17” and the longest length is 26 1/2” (plus or minus).

 You will need:

  • Kumihimo Foam Disk (I prefer the BeadSmith THICK Mini disk; thick disk provides better tension on C-Lon BeadCord.)
  • 8 Plastic Bobbins 
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure

    You should know:

    • Kongoh Gumi also known as Round Braid
    • How to drop beads; see Tip #14 at www.whatabraid.com for a refresher.

       Kit Includes:

      • 16 yards C-Lon BeadCord (2 colors)
      • 8/o Toho/Miyuki Seed Beads (3 colors)
      • Handpainted Peruvian Pendant
      • 1 Porcelain Accent Bead
      • Barrel Bead for Adjustable Closure
      • Instructions with Photos