Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon

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Kumihimo Rayon Ribbon or “KRR” is a 5mm wide hand dyed knitted rayon ribbon that creates a silky, shimmering braid. An 8 strand round braid yields a finished braid about 4mm in diameter (can vary between colors and braiders). Because of the collapsible structure of the fiber, with the help of a wide eye needle, it is easy to thread most Japanese 6/0 seed beads and Magatamas onto the KRR. So many possibilities, so many colors and so much fun! Each skein is 5 grams and 10 yards.  It is delicious and when you see it you’ll love it. “KRR” is awesome by itself but can be combined beautifully with other fibers. You might mix it with the Gimp (many colors are color matched) and the “KRR” is also great combined with Petite Satin. Experiment and have fun.