"Edge Bead Kumihimo Sweetheart " Necklace Kit - Strawberry

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The Kumihimo Sweetheart Edge Bead Necklace is easy and fun to make. The Edge Bead pattern is a variation of the original Edge Bead pattern in that the beads have one space between them instead being right next to each other. This is another technique you can add to your toolbox. The adjustable closure allows the necklace to be worn shorter or longer. Adjusting the length is a nice option depending on what you are wearing or if you are making and selling necklaces. The necklace can be worn as short as 22" or and long as 32 " (give or take). 

You will need:
 Kumihimo Disk (I recommend the BeadSmith THICK Mini, 9 Bobbins, Scissors, Tape Measure.

You should know: Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh Gumi) and how to drop beads. If you need a refresher on dropping beads, take a look at Kumihimo Tip #14 at www.whatabraid.com.

Kit Includes:

  • Handpainted Sweetheart Pendant
  • C-Lon Bead Cord (1 spool)
  • Toho/Miyuki 8/o Seed Beads (6 colors)
  • Barrel Bead for Adjustable Closure
  • Wide Eye Needle
  • Instructions with Photos