****Zip it Up© Triple Braided Bracelet

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The Zip it Up© Triple Braided Bracelet consists of three braids and is based on techniques from my Edge Bead Necklace ©2012 and Magatama Fringe Necklace© 2012. All three of the braids Kongoh Gumi. The three braids are "zipped" together. The Kongoh Gumi braid itself is an opportunity for design. The braids can be solid or multicolored with a variety of different patterns. There are two versions; one with alternating edge bead colors and the other with alternating Super Duos colors on the center braid. 

You will need: Kumihimo Disk (I really like the BeadSmith Thick Mini ($3.75), 8 Bobbins (I use the small plastic EZ Bobbins, Fray Block (a must), Scissors, Tape Measure, Cord Zap (optional but super nice to have), Needle & Thread (if you don't have a Cord Zap) and Glue. I use WeldBond. WeldBond is available at some craft stores as well as Ace Hardware stores.

You should know:  Kongoh Gumi or Round Braid and how to "drop" beads. If you need a refresher on "dropping" beads, check out Kumihimo Tip #14.

Kit includes:
– C-Lon Bead Cord (pre-cut)
– Super Duo Beads 
– Seed Beads
- Zipping Thread
– Punched Tin Magnetic Clasp
– Instructions with photos