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Welcome to WHAT A BRAID (aka WHAT A KNIT), a place to come for inspiration, creativity and learning. I am best known for a couple of things...a fun website, a creative and informative monthly newsletter and my KUMIHIMO KITS.  I am a teacher at heart and writing patterns and putting together kits is my way of reaching out and sharing Kumihimo with as many of you as I can. My instructions, so I have heard, are written as though I am standing over your shoulder helping you.  I hope you will have fun and find some new ideas & inspiration on my website, www.whatabraid.com. Thanks for taking a look!

Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braid-making. Cords, ribbons, silks and a variety of other fibers or combinations of fibers and beads are interlaced to form braids. Kumihimo braids can vary from simple to complex and all of them are beautiful. "Braiding has enjoyed a very long history in Japan with evidence dating clear back to 7,500 BC. The styles and uses for the braids changed over time. Perhaps the greatest era for Kumihimo was during the Middle Ages when the Samurai suit of armor required up to 1,000 feet of braid to lace the panels together. In addition, the braids were used for sword hilts, obi ties for kimonosand even harnesses for horses."

Happy Braiding,           Karen Huntoon                                                                

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