"***8-strand Kusari Tsunagi Soutache Necklace with Handpainted Watermelon Donut Pendant- NEW"

$ 32.00

I love this new necklace kit. The Kusari Tsunagi Braid is absolutely gorgeous and it is a great braid structure to show off the beauty of the Luxury Italian Soutache. The combination of the rich matte Soutache with the bashful glimmer of the Satin cord is a perfect pairing and the Handpainted Pendant is a sure compliment. The Pendant is attached with a self-loop Lark's Head Knot. I experimented with many braid structures and fiber combinations before I was excited about this combo. The Soutache is a delight to braid with. I make an effort to keep the Soutache flat while I am braiding and I think this make the finished braid more spectacular! The braiding sequence is very smooth and repetitive and very enjoyable. I have learned to hold the disk in my right hand and I manipulate the elements on the disk with my left hand. Really easy. One handed braiding!

The instructions are written for a 24" to 25" necklace (depending on braider differences). You can easily make the neck several inches shorter depending where you attach the end caps . It’s your choice. Some people like a longer necklace and some like their necklaces shorter. There is flexibility.

Kit Includes:
  • Luxury Italian Soutache (6 yards)
  • Kumihimo Nylin Satin Cord (6 yards)
  • Handpainted Donut Pendant
  • Porcelain Accent Pony Bead
  • 6mm All-in-one Magnetic Clasp 
  • Instructions with Photos
You will need: Kumihimo Disk (I recommend the BeadSmith Mini), 8 bobbins, tape measure, 1 1/2 oz counterweight, Fray Block (available at craft and fav\bric stores), sharp scissors and glue to attach magnetic clasp. I use WeldBond Universal Glue but you may use whatever you like. I get WeldBond at Michaels Craft Stores or Ace Hardware (try online). I use the standard thickness disk. I think a thick disk has too much "grab" on the Soutache. 

You should know: This kit assumes you that you are familiar with and can successfully braid the Kusari Tsunagi Braid. If you aren't sure, I have a great Kusari Tsunagi Instant Download Tutorial on my website. 

While the instructions are written for a disk, they are easily adaptable to the Marudai.