8/o Toho & Miyuki Seed Beads - Click for all colors!

$ 4.95


Toho and Miyuki Seed Beads are both excellent quality Japanese beads. I use them interchangeably in my Kumihimo Beaded braids. Both brands are high quality and consistent with a larger hole size. I use C-Lon Bead Cord to string 8/0 Toho & Miyuki Seed beads.
  • Miyuki Size 8/0:  39 beads per gram (approximately)
  • Toho Size 8/0: 43 beads per gram (approximately)
  •  8/0 Seed Bead Guideline:  About 7 seed beads per cord = 1 inch of beaded braid
  • I package my beads in bags and you get more beads in a bag than in a tube.
  • My 8/0 seed beads are packaged 12 grams per pkg (approximately 450- 492 beads per pkg).