*8-strand Kongoh Gumi Luxury Italian Soutache Bracelet Kit - #2

$ 19.00


The 8-strand Kongo Gumi Bracelet made up in Luxury Italian Soutache is, well, luxurious. I love it. The colors are so rich and the sheen of the soutache is beautiful. Each bracelet is made up of three colors. The main color creates a solid spiral while the accent colors create a dotted spiral pattern. This is a perfect kit for a Beginner with a little experience or anyone else that simply likes to braid. I would rank this project in the "instant gratification" category because it braids up quite quick. I have a few tips for finishing the soutache braid. You  will need: Kumihimo Standard (not thick) Mini Disk & Bobbins, Spray bottle for water, Fray Block and Adhesive. You should know: Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh-gumi).

Kit includes:

  • 7 yards of Luxury Italian Soutache (3 Colors)
  • 1 8mm "Bamboo" Magnetic End Cap
  • Scrap Yarn for Lark's Head Knot
  • Instructions with Photos