3-Color Blended Beaded Kumihimo Necklace - Red/Periwinkle/Kumquat

$ 34.00


I call this necklace kit the Kumihimo 8/0 3-Color Blended Beaded Necklace with a Magnetic Closure. This necklace is made up in 8/0 seed beads and instead of blending with two colors, this necklace utilizes 3 colors. To achieve the blended pattern, the beads are strung in a particular sequence of colored/patterned sections. The necklace, as pictured, is designed with 5 sections of patterns. The finished length of the beaded portion about 18 1/2″ depending on the beads and the braider.  The tails on either end are 3″. This necklace can be worn as short as 18 1/2″ or as long as 24 1/2″ (give or take) depending where you attach the end caps. You will need: Kumihimo Disk, 8 bobbins, tape measure, scissors. I suggest the THICK Mini DiskYou should know: Kumihimo Round Braid and how to “drop” beads.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Spool C-Lon Bead Cord
  • 3 colors of 8/0 Miyuki / Toho Seed Beads
  • 4mm Magnetic Acrylic End Cap
  • Wide Eye Needle
  • Instructions with Photos

Cost: $34