Kumihimo Jubilee Ribbon - 10 yards - 10 colors

$ 6.00


Imported from Italy, Kumihimo Jubilee Ribbon (KJR) is  a gorgeous color saturated 3/8" wide Nylon braiding ribbon. The colors are absolutely beautiful and some even have a special iridescent appearance. KJR braids beautifully on both the Foam Disk and the Marudai.  An 8 strand round braid yields a finished braid that fits well in most 6mm end caps. With the help of a wide eye needle, it is easy to thread most Japanese 6/0 seed beads and Magatamas onto the KJR Ribbon. I came across a few beads where I have steadied the wide eye needle with my jewelry pliers so I could get a better handle on threading the beads. There are so many possibilities with this beautiful braiding ribbon. It comes in 10 yards skeins. I have braided with all elements in KJR and I have mixed the KJR with Petite Satin. The possibilities are endless. Experiment and have fun.