Instant Download Tutorial Zip it Up Triple Braided Bracelet Kit with 3 Alternating Edge Bead Colors - 10 pages

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The Zip it Up© Triple Braided Bracelet consists of three braids. The outside braids in the Zip it Up© Triple Braided Bracelet are Kongoh Gumi Braids with alternating colors of 8/0 seed beads on one edge and Super Duos on the other edge. The third braid (or middle) has Super Duo beads on both edges. The Kongoh Gumi braid itself is an opportunity for design. The braids can be solid or multicolored with a variety of different patterns. As for the beads on the edges of Braids #1 & #2, the 8/0 seed beads are consecutive along one edge while the Super Duos are evenly placed with one space between each Super Duo on the other edge. Braid #3 (center braid) is all Super Duos beads. This allows the braids to nest and “zip” together.

Since this is a pattern only, it is up to the maker to choose colors for all components. Following are links to some of the items I have used to create my samples:

C-Lon Tex BeadCord
8/0 Seed Beads
Fray Block
Kumihimo Foam Disk
Plastic Bobbins
Thick Mini Disk 

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