Luxury Italian Soutache - By the Yard

$ 0.80

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Spice up your braids with some of this gorgeous Luxury Italian Soutache.

Luxury Italian Soutache lives up to its - gorgeous & luxurious. Sold by the yard, this beautiful Kumihimo braiding fiber is 2.5mm in size. It is made of Acetate and it looks and feels like silk. Because Acetate dyes well the colors are beautiful and it remains colorfast. This Luxury Italian Soutache has a very nice soft hand. It has a lovely drape. Team it will Satin Cord, Jubilee Ribbon or Shimmer Tubular. Play , experiment and have fun.

My favorite braid structures, so far, using the Luxury Italian Soutache are the Kongoh Gumi and Kusari Tsunagi.

Sold by the yard.