Endless Possibilities on the Kumihimo Foam Disk Posted on 8 Aug 05:49

The more I explore, the more excited I get. I braid on both the Disk and the Marudai and the possibilities are endless.  Sometimes I hear people suggest that the Marudai is the next step "up" from using a Foam Disk; as if one graduates from one to the next when their ability reaches a certain level. Not true! I strongly believe that the Foam Disk and the Marudai are equal and amazing tools.
There is alot to be learned about braid structure (how a braid is constructed) when the braiding sequence is translated from Marudai to the Disk and visa versa. Both tools help me be a better braider.
The braids pictured below were braided on a Foam Disk. I taught these techniques in my class in Oaxaca, Mexico last year and I will teach a similar class, with new stuff, at the
Reno 2018 Convergence conference. These are wonderful examples of how much fun you can have braiding on a Foam Disk.  Incorporating colors and making pattern changes with core elements is super fun. In addition, the foam disk is inexpensive, widely accessible to many people and it is very portable. My foam disk accompanies me most places.
I love the Marudai too. It has many virtues. It makes alot of braids possible and easier to achieve. It is also a faster method of braiding with and without beads. There is a peacefulness and zen to braiding on the Marudai. For those that enjoy making beaded braids, the Marudai is certainly faster for this type of braiding. For continuous beaded braids, where the beads are not dropped into the braid structure but rather a string of beads is braided like a cord, the Marudai is key. 

Keep yourself open to all the possibilities. The more you learn & hone your skills on your disk, the more you will see that it is limitless. And you can take it with you anywhere.